Binbiryesilabantevleri project actually invites you and your family to a new vision of life in Bolu City The Future of Turkey
The amazing nature , health , investment , services, shopping centersand social activities all of these you will find in our project Binbiryesilabantevleri .

Scale the heights of Bolu`s peak rising 1.100 meters above sea level for an awe-inspiring panorama of our. Bolu is a powerful centre of healing therapies...
We will exactly guarantee to have a relaxed time here in the sense of natural life. Binbiryeşilabantevleri has been designed to be a combination of natural green living ,Turkish herbs, spices , organic fresh food with modern services and sports activities as well.
You will live the authenticity of past and the civilization of future passion of nature and contemporary culture .

It is the best location of nature which locates in one side of it from Abant Lake, and has the best quality of oxygen as well as bird’s chirpings and naturel hot water pouring out off the mountain.